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OROLOG - The World of Jaime Hayon in Miniature

OROLOG is a contemporary swiss watch brand established by Jaime Hayon, and co-partners  to explore the possibilities where art and design meet swiss watch manufacture to create unique time pieces drawing from the well of Hayon's rich imagination expressed in miniature.

Rather than a literal transposition of Hayon's pantheon of amazing creatures, graffitti like graphics and imagery, OROLOG manifests itself in a more minimalist expression of his unique world where the normal  functional elements of the chronograph wristwatch - dials and sub-dials, crowns and pushers differ in subtle yet curious ways from the predictable formfactor of the conventional wristwatch.

Hayon’s design signature is palpable across the OROLOG range - the organically shaped case, beautiful textured dial faces, clever typographics for numerals and the original forms of strap lugs crowns and pushers. The latter echo the finials of his giant chess set 'The Tournament' commissioned by London Design Festival for Trafalgar Square London. In his latest series - The 'MIKO' Edition, Hayon presents an ingenious zoomorphic dial face. Not at all obvious at first glance, this singular dial brings a smile to the viewer when they discover .....

OROLOG Timepieces are produced exclusively in limited editions, numbered and signed by Jaime Hayon. Meticulously detailed and crafted from the highest quality materials and a careful selection of beautiful colours and finishes, every OROLOG has a unique personal quality beloved by it's wearer.

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Introducing: The OROLOG  Swiss Chronograph by Jaime Hayon