We are pleased to provide a broad range of secure payment options to suit our customers varied requirements.


In partnership with Shopify, we accept payment by all popular credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Paypal plus Klarna Pay Later in the UK (see below) Cardholders will be charged in GBP (UK pounds sterling). See exceptions for EU, Canada and any other countries where any applicable VAT or local taxes do not appear in the amount to be charged. In these cases please refer the section below for "EU and Canada customers"

E-INVOICE - Stripe Payments.

In partnership with Stripe Payments, we can email customers a pdf format invoice with a secure Stripe Payments link. This method accept payments with all popular credit and debit cards. This method is ideal for special orders, or back orders where we require a deposit with order and balance payment prior to shipping as well as for our customers in the EU, Canada and several other countries where Shopify does not collect taxes and you would like us to include your local taxes so that our couriers can deliver without delays at customs and to avoid clearance and handling charges. When we collect the VAT/taxes we also cover customs clearance without any further charges to you. Please Note - the only exception we have encountered so far across all major international destinations is Chile where a customer was charged around USD50 , an additional mandatory local charge on imports which we understand Chilean Customs will only collect from the consignee, and therefore outside our remit.

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EU and Canada customers - Important note regarding changes affecting imports from the UK

As the UK is no longer part of the EU following Brexit and commencing  July 1, it is no longer possible to pre-charge our EU customers for VAT when using our automated checkout provided by Shopify. In this instance our EU customers will be liable for VAT and any other handling charges which will need to be paid by you  to your local EU delivery agent prior to delivery. In this scenario we have no control over any extra charges.

Recommended alternative payment method - to avoid uncertain and potentially costly handling charges, we recommend that our EU customers choose payment by our E-Invoice option, (or simply email us with your order enquiry) and we will email you back an e-invoice with secure payment link so we can process payment including VAT. Our trusted courier service then takes care of all VAT charges and local EU clearance and you will enjoy the same seamless door-to-door delivery service as before, without incurring any extra charges or delays.

Importantly due to the costs of absorbing EU customs clearance charges ourselves we can only offer this service on purchases of wristwatches or any orders of items totalling GBP 490.00 or more, but not for accessories, such as watch straps, for lesser amounts.  For such purchases please pay by bankcard or Paypal at checkout which will exclude VAT, however unavoidably you will then be asked to  pay the VAT plus any additional admin charges by the local mail or courier delivery service agent  in your country / area prior to delivery.

Canada customers - Canada has also recently changed the rules for tax collection, such that we can no longer precharge VAT via our automated Shopify checkout process. We recommend Canadian customers wanting to purchase watches  or other orders of GBP 490.00 or more to use the E-Invoice option, as recommended for EU customers also, as this avoids potential Canadian Customs delays and additional handling charges before final local delivery in Canada.

For all shipping. payment or any other enquiries please don't hesitate to email us at info@hayonorolog.com